• About


    is a visual art studio. We provide a full range of services in the field of branding, advertising and visual interactive technologies. Our studio has a full cycle of illustration, animation and filmmaking.

    All stages of production, every little detail is under the control of Knight of the brush of our studio - Anatoly TOOR.

    We produce only a unique product. Just because we love our work.
    If you need something special - do not hesitate to contact us.

  • History

    Our clients:

    Coca-cola, Nesquik, Golden Russia, Haribo, Coffee Lebo, Sony, Panasonic, Pickwick, Ferrero Rocher, Zdrayvery, Kinder Surprise, and many others.

    Participation in the full-length projects:

    Atlatida- last hero, Valeri Kharlamov: Overtime, titles: "Toy Seller," "Cinderella," "Come to See Me," "The Storm Gate", "A.S. Pushkin", etc.

    Design for TV channels and TV shows:

    TV "Star" transfer "Dovgan Show," "The comet's tail," TV's "Deadly force 4" , "Cherdachok Fruttis", "Lights Out", etc.


    In 1996 the prize "Nika" for the cartoon "Brothers Pilots prepare for breakfast makaronchiki" (directed by A. Tatarsky).

    In 1998, the video for "Man and the Cat" was named best video of the year by MTV.

    In 2000, for the project "Lights Out" won the "Taffy".

    The film from the animation serial SIMON - "The Last Days of termites" was selected for participation in the competition program of the festival of Canadian films of ecology Ā«Planet in FocusĀ».

    It was the best animation film of the Turkish festival Cinemarina 2011

  • our works

    • VIDEO

      Editing, montage, special effects , animation logo desigh, colour correct, skin correction.


      Classic 2D animation,3d animation relinig , plasticine animation, paint animation.

    • PHOTO

      All types of photography, unique art retouching and special effects.        


      Branding, logos, all types of illustration, psychology color matching.


    • Max DR

      Production: studio 22

      Francesco Marconi

      Production: studio 22

      El Tempo [summer]

      Production: studio 22

    • Altera

      Production: studio 22

      Andrey & Toshka

      Production: studio 22


      Production: studio 22

    • Krok 20

      Production: studio 22


      Production: studio 22


    • spelenok

      Production: studio 22

      SIMON 07

      Production: studio 22

      Teaser - "Plot #39"

      Production: studio 22

    • Pirat

      Production: studio 22


      Production: studio 22

  • our address

    Chasovaya ul.,
    Moscow, 19/8.

    Telephone: +7(903)968-7161
    E-MAIL: toor22@mail.ru